AA-Preface to FEMFM

The FEMFM is a European Organisation of national associations formed by companies engaged in the projection and production of friction materials of various product forms.

This document gives products delivered as friction linings for brakes and clutches special attention. Though of various origins many of the methods show generally valid characteristic features with regard to their description, measurement and definition.

The member companies have developed in house procedures to achieve a certain standard and therefore a reasonable level of production performance.

In order to evaluate combined experiences they suggest now a further rationalisation of the procedures as described in this publication. This document is intended as a guideline when the stipulation and compliance of contractual requirements related to product quality are under review.

Though the product characteristics are described with the definition methods and laid down it has to be pointed out that this document makes no pretence to be a complete and binding specification.

Specific standards of acceptance agreed between supplier and customer when agreeing contracts have not been included.